= Welcome to the ICMC Website! =

We are excited to announce that we have recently opened up a new server under the ICMC umbrella - a Towny server! Here are some things you might want to know about the server:

This is the server's ip:

If you donate, you can redeem your vouchers at /warp donor! Forums will be automatically updated when you donate.

These links take you to places where you can vote for our server (once you vote make sure to do /claim in-game to get your rewards!):

These are our staff members:
- Owner: Vennom
- Co-Owner: IamDoom1337
- Head Admin: Be4warned
- Developers: EzeTokesIt420 and Orbitalz
- Admins: Morgasaurus_Rex
- Moderators: NoRanks and Ponyzaremanly
- Builders: Takao and Jpdiddy

You can apply for staff here: https://www.icmcpuresurvival.com/staffapp

These are our minecraft servers rules:

- 1. No hacking, cheating, or doing anything else that gives you an unfair advantage.
- 2. No OP spawners (Zombie Pigmen, Wither Skeletons, Villagers, Iron Golems, ETC) and no more than 6 spawners in a grinder at once.
- 3. No disrespecting staff members.
- 4. No spamming or advertising anything.
- 5. No pvp flying or pvp logging.
- 6. No racism, sexism, homophobia, harassment, ETC. If arguments get out of hand those could also result in a mute.
- 7. If you AFK overnight, please don't complain if we restart the server.

= Survival server information! =

On our survival server, raiding, griefing, and pvping outside of spawn IS allowed so please be cautious! If you lose your items to any of these things they are not our responsibility and they may not be refunded, you have been warned.

Our survival server has:

- 1.8 Pvp
- Pvp arena (/warp pvp)
- Teleportation (/tpa or /tpahere)
- Shops (/warp shop)
- Parkour (/spawn, there'll be signs on your right)
- Lottery (/lpl)
- Auctions (/auc help)

= Towny server information! =

On our towny server, raiding and griefing is NOT allowed and you can claim your land by doing /t create, just know that it costs in game money to keep it up.

- 1.9 Pvp
- Survival (/warp survival)
- Towny/Claiming (/t help)
- Jobs (/jobs, you can only have three at once)
- Player-made chest shops (/warp shop)
- Ranking system (/ranks and /rankup)
- mcMMO (/help mcMMO)
- Quests (/quests)
- Trading (/trade)
- Auctions (/warp auction)
- Pets (to get a pet you must kill it with a lead)
- Crates (/warp crates, vote for crate keys)
- Teleporting (/tpa or /tpahere)
- Random teleporting (go to /warp survival, there'll be a sign there)
- Plots (for donors only; /ps help)
- Cosmetics (for donors only; /gmenu main)
- Mystery boxes (for donors only; /warp donorcrate)

= Other Information =

*Important: If you find any bugs please post it on the forums, same goes for if you find someone hacking.

If you wish to join the server's discord server, the link is https://discord.gg/UXjHNxJ

Thank you for reading, we hope to see you on ICMC soon!