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What is ICMC?

ICMC Pure Survival is a server that has been around since 2011. We pride ourselves on bringing our members the best gameplay available. Our staff meticulously run the server to allow members a safe, friendly, and over-all enjoyable time. ICMC focuses on bringing people into a community and play as if they were connected to everyone on the server. If you decide you want to go to war with another team, so be it. Other players will treat you like your at war. It provides a level of 'role-play' that encourages engagement.

How does ICMC run?

ICMC is powered by top of the line hardware. The datacenter that ICMC is hosted out of is directly in the center of the North American continent, Dallas Texas. Our server has a 1Gbps server port to allow zero lag, along with a 256GB SSD, E3-1231v3 Processors, and 8GB of dedicated RAM. We enjoy having a lag-free server, as do our players, but it is not cheap. That is why ICMC sells various kits in the Server Store.

Supporting ICMC!

There are many ways to support ICMC. ICMC offers a wide variety of ranks and specialized kits in the Server Store. But there are other ways that ICMC relies heavily on to succeed, one of these ways is through Voting. Every vote ICMC obtains counts to ICMC's monthly vote score. ICMC is then place on a list with thousands of other servers based on a voting rank. If you vote for the server every day you are supporting ICMC through a free, but VERY important way! Another form of support is referral. If you have friends who play Minecraft but have never logged onto ICMC, tell them about us! ICMC welcomes player interactivity and engagement! YouTube is another great way to support ICMC. If you are a YouTuber, ICMC offers a free rank to you regardless of what you do for us. If you make YouTube videos for ICMC they will be showcased on the front page, along with all of the voting pages. This will allow you to obtain more than 4,000 views a month to the given video.

How do I play ICMC?

Assuming you have Minecraft installed on your computer, you open Minecraft and put the "play-icmc.com" IP into either, "Direct Connect" or "Add Server" entry boxes. Once you log into ICMC you will be greeted by staff and other players, if you look around the ICMC spawn there are many helpful things to inform you on the community. If you want to jump right into survival you can do that by jumping into the ==Quick Survival== teleport hole. If you want tips on how to survive ICMC there are various forum posts to inform the users about how to properly hide their base, how to cover your tracks, and how to gain in-game money and items.

ICMC HomePage

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